Saturday, October 20

hangers & other randomness

Whoever's idea it was to stop selling blue & peach hangers at Walmart and Target is not cool. At all.
Yesterday I partook on a journey to conquer the laundry room (those of you who've seen it before know what I mean), & I had the amazing idea of giving each person their own hanger color so things will be all neat & organized, cuz I'm cool like that. One problem though. I'm only like 2/3 done, & I ran out of blue & peach hangers. So I went to Target to pick some up real quick & they didn't have any!! All they had was lame white. So then I went to Walmart, & they just had white, black & ugly green! I was devastated. I really don't know what to do now. I mean ya, we have hangers I can use, but they can't have hangers that aren't all the same! Ugh. My whole exciting plan is ruined. So if any of you know where to get blue & peach hangers, let me know ASAP!Something else that bugs me which is totally unrelated to hangers is how when you fill up with gas, it's pretty much impossible to make it to the exact dollar! Unless you pay inside, which I'm much too lazy to do. But no matter how hard I try to make it exactly $10, or $15, or however much I want to spend, I can't. I even try to time it exactly right & let go at 9.50, but I'm not lucky enough. It's kinda like that game at Peter Piper with the jackpot.


So, this is also unrelated to anything, but I have to post it cuz it makes me laugh/scared. Buster was laying on a laundry pile & when I looked at him I saw his tongue was stuck sticking out partially, and I thought it was pretty much the cutest thing ever so I ran to grab my camera. Well, I guess when I took the picture I took it too close to him since I had the flash on, & this is how the picture turned out:

Poor little guy. He looks like a demon dog. & I probably blinded him. The paw makes me laugh too, it's like his evil claw. Haha, man.

Well that's all.