Wednesday, August 4


I am back to blogging.

No no, really this time!
I even created a snazzy new blog, which I am absolutely in love with. Believe me or don't believe me, but at least check out and tell me what you think. K? k. And I won't be posting here anymore so if you're following me you can unfollow this blog and follow the other one :) LOVE YOU ALL!


Monday, May 10

the secret works.

So, I was reading over my old posts (you know, because I like to waste time when I'm supposed to be studying for very important finals that are taking place in, oh, 5 hours) when I came across one where I listed items that I wanted. In this post I mentioned how I didn't have any money to buy these things, but there's something called "The Secret" so I was going to throw it out to the Universe, let it do it's thaaang, and I'd get the items on the list.

The reason I'm taking the time to tell you this when I REALLY should be studying, is because dude. The Secret is real.

Click here to see this list.

I have an iPod Touch.
I have a new camera.
(I even said it didn't have to be an SLR, and I have an SLR. Dude)
I'm going on a trip to Europe in 6 days.
WITH Lauren!!
I got a video camera.
I got many clothing gift cards for Christmas & my birthday.
I don't really care about Computer games ya skip that one.
I got $75 in Target gift cards because of my Chase rewards card.

See what I mean?

I don't want to push my luck, but hey Universe, Zachary Levi is traveling Europe the same month I am, so could you please make him go to the Eiffel tower on May 23rd so we can run into each other, stare deeply into one another's eyes and instantly fall madly in love? Thanks so much.

Also, I wouldn't hate an A on this test.

Thanks again! You're the best.

Monday, April 26

just average.

Let me just start by saying this: words are not my friend.

As I was sitting in front of the computer getting ready to finish the essay that was due 6 hours ago, I had the unusual desire to give life to my nearly extinct blog and write a post once again. As you can tell from the infrequency of my postings, this doesn't happen very often, so I knew I needed to listen to the call. Whether this sudden urge came because I was subconsciously trying to delay the inevitable (finishing my nasty international finance research paper) or because I wanted to write down the swirling thoughts in my head as a means to understand them, I do not know.

But here I am.
Which brings me back to the distaste I have for words.

You see, I have something to say, I just don't know how to say it.
My mind is full of all of these abstract thoughts that want so desperately to be understood, but I just can't properly put them into words.
Do I sound emo yet?

Anyway, I think ultimately what I want to say is this: I'm failing school.
Not the I-got-one-B-and-now-my-life-is-ending kind of failing like usual, the real kind. As in, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to retake one of my classes next semester, and I may get a C for the first time in my life.

This does not happen to me. Ever.

My entire life I never really excelled in anything. I was an average dancer, an average violinist, and that one summer I took diving, I was an average diver.
But school was my thaaang.

I got straight A's in high school, and while I stressed myself out over it, it came pretty easily and didn't come at the expense of my social life.
I'd procrastinate just like everyone else, but I knew I'd get it done by the time it needed to be done. That's just how things worked. I was by no means smart, but I was good at school.

This is not the case anymore.
I got an F on a test this semester. An F! As in FAIL. The day I took that test I became nearly catatonic and saw no point in going on. Oh, you think I'm being dramatic? I'm not. I felt like I was completely and totally useless. Because of a test. Although to be fair, I did poorly on more than just that test, so it was the culmination of several terrible and soooo not me grades.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well actually, I really don't know. Sharing is not something I do (ask my mom, although I'm sure she's already told you).
But I feel like I'm finally coming to a certain understanding of life, and I want to declare it to the world.

The one lesson that I've learned through all of this, is this: School doesn't matter. GASP. Ok, it kind of matters. But doing poorly (very poorly) for one semester of my life really isn't the end of the world. Although it continually seems to feel that way. I truly think that the reason I'm doing so badly is because I need to learn this lesson. I need to learn that A's aren't more important than family, or friends, or the simple joy of life. And what I've been noticing lately is that school is sucking away my love for life. I feel like I'm always grumpy and irritated (again, just ask my mom). I don't want this.

I'm still struggling with the idea that I'm not little miss perfect grades anymore (even just typing that made my heart hurt), but it's OK. Really. Amy, it's ok! Just breathe....breeeeaaaathe......


I hope that revealing these secret little thoughts, albeit through my linguistic handicap, will allow me to accept my fate and move on as just an "average" student.
Because seriously, I'm pretty sick of feeling like an epic failure.

That is all.

(time to finish that evil paper.)

Wednesday, March 17

green machine

Oh St. Patrick's Day, how I love you.
Really though.
And it's not just because you give me an excuse to pinch people (and I'll take any excuse for violence I can get, because I'm a violent person).

No, I love you because green is a pretty rockin color, and because you allow me to pretend that I am Irish for a day.
And Ireland REALLY rocks.

Dude, I'm so excited to go there this summer. Just look at this place:

Can't wait.

happy saint pattys.

Monday, February 8

back....for now

Ya, so I suck at blogging.
Big deal.

Here's what's gone down since we talked last:

I survived finals.

Christmas happened.

Melanie, Owen & Josh came to visit.

I went to Colorado for New Year's.

I almost kissed a girl.
(true story.)

I went snowboarding.

School started once again.

I got a wicked awesome camera*.
(since when do I say wicked?)
*canon rebel xsi, suckers.

I started working out regularly.
(I rock.)

I gave up soda for 28 days.
(I rock again.)

I continued to fail to awesome-ify and redesign my blog.
(maybe I don't rock.)

I had a birthday & started the downhill path to becoming an old woman.
(22, ugh.)

And now here we are.

So now you know what I've been doing these past months.

You're welcome.

(you can stop telling me to blog now, mom)

*see you in like 3 months

Wednesday, December 9

the post that proves I'm still alive

Remember how it's already finals week??
Well, it is, and I can't believe it.

I guess it's true when they say that time just shoots by once you graduate from high school, because I'm 93% positive this semester started like a week ago.
I mean, I don't feel any smarter. Or older.
So I don't understand how it's possible that 4 months went by.
But here I am, sitting in the freezing computing commons with the gloom & doom of finals looming (ha, rhyming...) over my head.
And I know I should be studying for the oh-so-lovely finance test that I have to take tomorrow at SEVEN THIRTY in the flipping morning, (seven thirty!...!!) but I feel like this is important, ya know?

I mean, someday when my kids don't believe me when I tell them that time flies faster than an Olympic gold-medalist sprinter (and that's fast) once you're an adult, I'll be able to whip out this post & be like,
"Ha. Here I was, 21 years-old and realizing that time moves freakin fast and everyone was right. Proof! Suckas!"
Except I probably won't call my children "Suckas".
Let's be real, I probably will.

The point is, when you're a kid life is like internet with dial-up. Kinda annoying and doesn't go nearly as fast as you would like it to.
But then BAM, out of nowhere you're suddenly an adult with the high-speed connection, and now you have a million things you have to do at once because I mean come on, with that kind of speed why waste it? So you're going crazy trying to download all sorts of programs & multi-tasking with different browsers, and then you crash.
Life would be much simpler if it just stuck with dial-up.

So anywaaaay, after all of that nonsense that you probably skipped through, my point is this:
Finals are this week.
And I kind of want to die.

The end.

On a serious note:

I strongly encourage, no, IMPLORE each one of you to find a way to make someone else's life happier this season.
There is so, so much sadness in the world & in our community that it is absolutely ridiculous to not help in some way.
It overwhelms me when I think of the trials and heartache that some people have to go through.
Not just people in Botswana or Somalia (though they need our help too),
but people here.

A mom & a dad who have a 5 year-old daughter with brain cancer
A wife who doesn't know if her husband will live
Families that are fighting off homelessness because they lost their jobs
it's everywhere.

I don't say this to make you hopeless and depressed, but to make you determined and hopeful.
Hopeful that you can make a difference in someone else's life.

I know we all have our own trials, but there is always someone who has it worse than you. If you don't have any money (aka muah) then donate your time. If you don't have any time, then donate your money. If you don't have either, then what are you doing reading my blog?? That 5 minutes could've been used to help the needy.

There are a million ways you can do something. Anything helps.


Thursday, November 26

the thanksgiving post

I love Thanksgiving.
It's my absolute favorite holiday.
(yep, even better than Christmas)

Wanna know why?
People are happy

family is together

it's relatively stress-free

and there's lots & lots of food.

(for those of you who don't know me in real life, I'm brunette! Surprise!)

{(my family is seriously crazy. love it.)}

Basically, Thanksgiving beats the heck out of Christmas in my book.
Plus it's way cheaper.

I hope you all had a fantabulastic (did I really just say that? It must be the turkey talking) Thanksgiving with your fams, friends, or whoever you happened to spend it with.

Happy Black Friday!

(blog design update to come soon. HOPEFULLY. I have no idea what I'm doing & having a cute blog takes a lot of friggin work.)